Ek Ka Dum with BIG FM

Ek KA Dum with Anuj Tikku for Tikku’s Travelthon live on the Big Chai from 7 AM to 11 AM with Big FM RJ Nilesh

Hey Guys,

Hear me live on Radio Big FM. I will be doing live links from the Kumbh ka Mela talking about the beauty of the Sangam at night. I will explore the Aghoris Akhada, will take you to the Shahi Sanan and walk you on the banks of Ma Ganga. Experience as I collect one rupaiya from pilgrims, shop owners and even young law students for the Ek Ka Dum event. We will donate the money collected towards the ‘Keep Triveni Clean Drive’. I will capture live videos of locations and interview sages and sinners alike. I will capture the vibrant religious fervour and energy of this most ancient recipient gathering of saints and sages from all over India. Come, let me hold your hand. Together, we will explore the ancient kumbh, its sounds and its song.

Anuj Tikku live on Big FM on the Big Chai from 7 am to 11 am from 23 Jan 2019

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