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It was such a time as usual, as I woke up a bit late today. Last night, I had written a lot and wanted a longer break. The morning was spent sending out instructions to my backend team and sending mails. However, I was on time for my lunch date at Eat On, my chicken biriyani joint. The owner Mr. Nafees had a taste of my filming and acting talents and today, my biriyani was on the house along with a cup of tea. It was a perfect beginning of the day. After a meal, I gave a lecture to the owner about blogging and how he can use social media to promote his eatery. I was in full consultancy mode.

I looked at Google Maps until Tiwari Ji arrived on his scooter. Soon we headed for the local office of Big FM where RJ Nevesh was hosting us for a live interview session. After a photo session, we kept a Clay Gulak in the middle, which was full of thousands of one rupee coins.

I was taken to the studio for my interview session. The RJ was smooth and asking all the right questions. I found Nevesh to be a very effervescent RJ full of local knowledge and lingo of the region. You know from his talk he knows his city and its heritage in and out and was always on the ball. I talked extensively about the Ek Ka Dum drive and how student volunteers had vowed to have 100 filled Gulaks in a few days. We, as part of my Travelthon, will present this to the DM of Allahabad who will put it in Clean the Triveni fund.

I also spoke about blogging and the art of blogging – how anyone with limited resources can start a blog and build it into a viable business in a few years. My book
Blogging for Gold
selling on
and Google Play will teach the common man the art of blogging. We will be taking Nevesh for a tour around the Kumbh and cover the festival together.

It has been fun collaborating with Big FM and we are happy to have them as our radio partner for Ek Ka Dum. It is with their help we have been able to start the collection drive on a positive note. I will also be undertaking a Yagna to launch Tikku’s Travelthon and my web series. What better place than the Kumbh to seek blessings of the divine?

My two best buddies in Allahabad are no doubt Big FM and Eat On. One is music for the stomach and the other, music for the soul. I feel blessed in the sacred air of the Kumbh and the region that has transported me to the real India, the true face of Bharat. It is here that one can shed one’s urban skin and move into experiencing what the heart of India and Indian culture is. As they say, I was struggling amongst common folks and trying to see life through their perspective. What astounded me was how cheap it was to live in a small town and how simple real people are. A walk in the many parks of Allahabad made me enjoy the simple everyday things of life. As a man constantly looking for adventure, it was like enjoying the joys of a slow, uneventful life – a life that is plain, slow yet very introspective.

No wonder Allahabad has given birth to so many poets, thinkers, philosophers, teachers and religious saints. Life is so laid back here that one can sit back, just think, and introspect. That is the very essence of the place coupled with its rich religious and Vedic past. The city also has churches, parks, roundabouts and temples that one can wander into. This city keeps growing on me every day and now I have an entire Radio Station as an ally. So after Narendra Modi’s Maan Ki Baat, is it going to be Anuj Tikku with Travelthon’s Ek Ka Dum? We will have to watch and wait. Until then, love you all. Keep tuning in to 92.7 Big FM with RJ Nevesh to get daily updates on Ek Ka Dum with Anuj Tikku, www.tikkustravelthon.in.

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