Demystify YouTube Monetisation through Google AdSense

YouTube, as you know, is a video sharing platform like Vimeo. One can create a channel and an account on YouTube and link it to Google ads. This way, your monetisation process will begin as ads will be served on your videos and you will get revenues depending on the ad clicks and impressions.

Engaging Content: Remember, your content must be engaging and appealing. Have a call to action. This will be the only way people will be encouraged to click on your ads and also find your videos through key word searches.

YouTube will only serve ads to you if your channel has over 10,000 views. This is a limit that YouTube has set up recently.

The Type of Ads Served On YouTube

Display Ads: Ad size 300×250 or 300×60 appearing on the right side of the video on desktop devices.

Overlay Ads: Ad size 468×60 and 728×90 will appear on the lower end of the videos on desktop devices.

Skippable Ads: Full-length motion ads that play for 5 seconds before your video begins. These can be skipped or inserted in the beginning, in the middle or the end of the ads.

Display Ads:  Display cards with related products that feature on your video or on desktop devices.

Again, YouTube monetisation is not a get-rich-quick solution and it takes a lot of sweat to make money from it. Your videos have to be engaging and exciting. You should hope for at least one of your videos to go viral to be able to make some money. Again, make sure you that have alternate revenue streams available to make money. Only video monetisation will not solve your problem.

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