Cinnamon: An Epilogue

Those of the readers who have taken the time to read my two part write-up, thank you. On the medicinal prowess of the aromatic spice cinnamon, and some of the more relevant aspects of it from a layman’s standpoint, I owe them to share a bit of my own personal experience of my flirtations with the haloed spice. And, who doesn’t like to hear it said straight out of the horse’s mouth! So, here goes…

Personal Testimonial

This author, yours truly, has been living with Type-2 diabetes for past 13 years, which I have been able to manage well (rather commendably, as my physician would insist!) on prescription drugs, and despite little, if any, lifestyle changes. I started taking the cinnamon powder in my morning cup of green tea, on an empty stomach, about a year ago, and have continued with it till now. During one of my rare visits to my physician’s clinic, sometime in October ’16, the doc ordered an HbA1C profiling done on me, a blood test carried out to ascertain the quality of glucose management by the patient. Incidentally, it had already been something like 3 months of regular cinnamon use in my daily regimen, a fact I had inadvertently kept from the doc.

A day later, doctor phoned in to say that my report was spectacularly normal, betraying no signs that the tested blood sample had come from a confirmed diabetic’s veins. He, however, quickly recommended a repeat of the test in order to corroborate findings of the first test. Eh, these doctors and their darned lab reports!

Anyway, I dutifully underwent a re-test within a month. To my relief, and doctor’s utter disbelief, the test report numbers were similar. No trace of diabetes mellitus! The doctor said he wanted to put me entirely off any medication for the malady but, abundant caution being a prudent consideration, he would rather reduce the dosage to precisely half the quantum that my body system had gotten used to by now, ensuring there were no withdrawal symptoms.

That was it. I knew the cinnamon had worked for me like a charm. So, thank you cinnamon, keep me company always! Period!

(Note: On second thought, it now occurs to me that it was unwise to hold the cinnamon bit of information, and my own self-experimentation with it, from my physician. So, on my next visit to his office, when it happens, I’m certainly going to be sharing with him the truthful position for him to take his own medical call on the subject. You, dear reader, please be warned to desist from taking your own ‘medical’ decisions; instead, ask discreet questions of your personal doctor, based on your informed knowledge, and try to embrace expert guidance from him or her always!).

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