Capture The Right Consumer Data To Make That Perfect Sale!

As I have started to build strategy castles in the air on how I will promote and sell my book, I have realised that at every stage of the selling process, my book councillors need to ask the right questions and then capture consumer behaviour data to the T. From the Top 20 Retailer Contact form to the Retailer Review form or just capturing the buyer contact details like occupation and age gives us a lot of insight into the consumer and who is actually tasting your product in the market or for that matter, reading your book.

The data thus captured is very valuable and you can keep sending subsequent promotion and book launch info to these set of people. They become your primary contact list and the circle will keep growing if the content strikes the right chord with the readers.

Thus, from a purely sales perspective, if you fill all the forms and capture perfect consumer data, you will get even closer to the sale after every meeting. I think an intelligent book salesperson should close a book sale by his fourth meeting. If he gets the data collection and the testimonial content right, he can show the brand blog page to the owner and show that he has added value. It is just one step away from making that sale and pocketing the advance for the book.

So guys, get the consumer information right and the rest will follow.

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