Building Features and Expanding Your Travel Blog

Since I started on my travel journey through my blog, I have evolved through my journeys and so has my blog. With the help of a few knowledgeable friends and some intelligent people, I have made sure that my blog adds maximum value to my life as well to the lives of people who read my content. Now my blog is a colourful website which receives ads from Google. I have integrated the blog with more than a dozen social media applications and contribute my content to other travel websites like The slide looks more bright and full of colours as sliders highlight the many features that I have added to my Travelthon website.

Features are opportunities to add separate channels to your current existing blog. These are content tributaries of the mother website. Like different satellite and TV channels, they form a separate content niche. For Instance, my Blogging for Gold focuses on the technical aspects of blogging and cuts through the jargon to explain what blogging is and how one can create his/her own blog and make it grow.

Survival focuses on day to day issues of motivation, tackling depression, coping with pain, building a joyful life, spirituality and religion.

Travelthon Tales spews out stories from my travels around the world. Travel Bawarchi deals with recipes, food and reviews of eating joints that I visit around the world.

I have, in all, added eight of these featured sections to my blog and I have also managed to get some help from others who agree to write for me. Features can add wonders to your blog as you can increase your followership. By doing that, my page views are now 23,000 which is almost double than the previous months and my user base is increased with 4300 more users which is still the highest yet.

It is also important to see where your traffic is coming from. 50% of my traffic is from my social media integrated applications and there are a dozen of them. The rest 25% comes from Google search where people get to know about my URL through keyword searches or just a simple name search. If you know these figures, then you can stimulate activity in this particular area and focus on doing promotion activities to grow the source of your traffic. You can start advertising or use teaser campaigns that will increase your traffic and you will get spikes during the promotion period.

The next move that I am aiming is to expand and add new languages to the website and have the content available in Hindi and Malayalam expanding to 6 more regional languages. This will again widen the readership and get new segments of followers under the mother brand

So go differentiate yourself and identify sub niches within your blog themes. This will help in getting a larger base and also segment your content sharply.

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