Build Your Blog Brand Through Media Barter or Public Service Events

The Kumbh ka Mela 2019 was not only the spiritual high point of the year but also proved to be a very effective opportunity for me to promote, advertise and bring awareness about my blog and my journey through Tikku’s Travelthon. The key was the simplicity of the idea Ek Ka Dum. This really worked wonders. One rupee – that is all for cleaning the Triveni. Now, who will not give one rupee? That and turning the entire marketing and brand building exercise into a public service cause which was very relevant for the Kumbh ka Mela and also very useful for the pilgrims – that was what got the attention of the people.

In no time as we reached our tents in Sangam, we got Radio 92.7 Big FM to promote our event on their morning show. In fact, we even went up to their office for an interview in RJ Nevesh’s studio itself. I also managed to carry out a promotion in front of Eat On Biriyani in Civil Lines. My team wearing Tikku’s Travelthon t-shirts collected Rs 1 in earthen pots of clay. That gave us more visibility not to mention the many free plates of biriyani I enjoyed at the outlet. The collection drive went on for a month. We promoted it on radio and through our videos on YouTube along with live info blogs. All these costed peanuts only including t-shirts. I managed to get a lot of radio talk where I was able to plug myself. I even pitched my book
Blogging for Gold
to the listener between the RJ interview.

A public service event gives you a lot of credibility. You get instant trust and empathy from your followers. If you can couple that with brand building and awareness exercise, then you have a winner at hand and that is exactly what EK KA DUM has been. Now, I intend to takeout to Ayodhya, Mathur and at other cities in India to keep expanding on this idea and the public service collection drive.

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