Blogging for F***S

In the previous article, I had spoken about the costs that one incurred as you go about your blogging journey. It starts from a small cost for getting a URL and building a professional page on WordPress to maintenance and SEO effort. Then comes the fixed cost for professional camera and tech equipment to get that real professional cutting edge. With all these upfront costs involved, blogging does actually have an entry barrier and one must be aware of that. Therefore, if I am incurring a recurring cost of Rs 1 lakh a month just to maintain, promote, adverse and sell my content on the net, I should damn well have some really good income streams or ways where I can make some income apart from the regular barter that bloggers do.

So, what are these income streams?

  1. Affiliate Marketing Programs
  2. Content Mills
  3. Airmiles
  4. Tour Guide Specialised Services
  5. Curator Travel Experiences
  6. Sell Packaged Branded Content to Other Websites and Travel Aggregators
  7. Sell Photography and Video Editing Services
  8. Ebooks, Hardback and Paperback
  9. Audio Books
  10. Sell Banner Ads and Plug in Posts, Sliders and Tags
  11. Events and Talks
  12. Blogging Expert Talks to Schools
  13. Commission-based Travel Agent Services
  14. Google and YouTube Ads (minuscule)
  15. Podcast and Web Courses
  16. Book Review and Ghost Writer Services
  17. Book Publishing Services
  18. Sell Branded Products Related to Your Category through Amazon Seller Program
  19. Sell Paperback through Corporate Details or Retailer Programs
  20. Blog Maintenance and SEO Services

The list can be even longer and there are many innovative ways to monetise and get an income stream for your blog. Unfortunately, I am just making money from the two books and through ads on my website. This is as low as $200 in all. So what the f**k am I doing with so much of recurring cost not to mention equipment cost. I have only $200 as direct income from my blog and it has been three years doing this thing. It looks like I have no hope in hell even recovering a portion of my cost let alone make money. So what the f**k am I doing this for, I ask myself. I have not even begun to mention the travel cost and hotel bookings, flight costs and taxi fares. I mean, I have only $200 to show for my effort. I truly am blogging for f***s. Indeed, only a madman will think of being a blogger and a travel blogger at that. The problem with so many income streams is that one cannot concentrate or focus on a few let alone all. You try to push one revenue stream and the other one gets neglected. It is very hard to focus on all of them and even harder to make money out of them.

One needs to build tangible products and services that one can sell through the blog. Books are an easy and straightforward option. Curator travel events are also good so is selling audiobooks and web courses which I will be starting soon as I go along. But, as of now, this is my true situation. It is safe to say that it is hard to stay motivated and focused but I am not giving up because I love blogging and it gives me joy. Indeed, as of now, I am just blogging for f***s and that is the honest truth. The costs and expenses are easy. All you have to do is give your credit card but nothing comes back into the card. That is the entire problem. So why do I do it? Because I love it. It makes me feel better and because I have the resources and I can generate them as I go along. I am in it for the long haul and that means being patient and not expecting quick results from the onset. Until then, it will be only blogging for f***s.

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