Become a Tikku’s Travelthon Book Retailer

We urge people to come forward to become retailers and book councillors for Tikku’s Travelthon. We are looking at retail outlets and youth hangout spots like pizza joints, fast food eateries, bookshops, cafe, salons, ice cream parlours and cinema halls. We want you all to participate in being our book retailers.

My first motivational book has been launched and it’s called
. The book is being launched internationally by Partridge Books India and will be available in book fairs in six different countries around the world including London and New York. It will soon be reviewed and advertised in the Reader’s Digest and the London Review of Books. Survival is available on eBay,
, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble and many other internet bookstores.


Rs 749 – Hardback

Rs 350 – Softback

Rs 169 – E-book

You will get a retailer margin of 15%

20% on bulk deals of 5 plus books 20%

25% on bulk deals of 10 plus books 25%

Buyback Guarantee

Along with it is the Tikku’s Travelthon buyback guarantee where we will buy back all the books unsold by you at the retail price after six months. The promotional material like posters, leaflets, book cards and free ebooks will be provided to you depending on the number of footfalls per month in your outlets. All transactions can be done through Paytm or internet banking.

So come forward and register as a Tikku’s Travelthon Book Retailer and Book Councillor.

Visit my blog and click on the Spirit of Survival button to get further details about the content of the book and the sales strategy. You can also adopt these promotional plans for the book Survival.

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