Anupriya’s Lover: Chapter Two: Get Down, Get Dirty

As she with a swift move snatched the pillow from beside me and with one gentle stroke of her hand pulled her hair behind her shoulders, she lay on the bed beside me. Her pink top and transparent bra straps were the first things I noticed along with her broad dusky shoulders. Her voluptuous hips swilled by my side as she let it know with her ample oomph that she was no less than a diva.

“Oh, I have this impact on people” she whispered close to my ears, her perfume cascading on my body whirled its melodious scent in the room. The whiff of pure pleasantness and coolness permeated from her and from me. It was like my scent catching hers immediately. There was a sudden surge of connection between us, a sort of electricity, a charge that fuelled our passions. I slipped in with my own bit of banter and intellectual conversation. “You know, have you seen my tattoo?” I took off my t-shirt to show the great painting of Socrates’s last hour where he is about to take the hemlock poison and is surrounded by his weeping friends. “This looks fantastic but you know that this tattoo is incomplete.” she chided me. “I know that and that’s because I couldn’t sit longer during the tattoo sessions. It does burn and itch for weeks when you get the shit done.”

I stood in front for her to give her a taste of my acting ability. She sprang up with excitement and joy “Yes you will do it, you will do it.” as if encouraging me. She was a plump chick with vitality and vigour. We were intertwined with each other and pleasantly surprised at the electricity between us. I put my arms around her shoulders and walked her to the door. I was being a gentleman, of course, and we had just met. So it was only appropriate for me to watch my actions. I had already slipped by showing under case but it was clear that I had made the first move and she had liked it. Her face gleamed as her young skin begged to be touched. She just walked away with a huge smile on her face, a passing smile, a flirtatious smile, at least, that’s what I could feel.

Bang! Next day, she was back all excited and giggles like a Power Puff Girl as she sat beside me on the bed to show me her pictures on her smart HP Laptop. She clicked away pose after pose as I admired, applauded and kidded her at the most energetic and whack poses as she had made infant of the camera. But today, I was wearing my white OSHO robes as we drowned ourselves into idea conversation. My balcony window was open and a strong fresh breeze blew into the room. She felt it on her face as a curl of hair brushed past her bright and clear forehead “You are one intelligent girl, such surety and poise is rarely seen at such a young age.”

Next morning, I woke up. Still, the scent of her perfume lingered in the air. I could see her board smile as she had turned toward the lift and guess what? She turned back and said “Stop looking at me with those Majunu eyes” as I stared at her beauty from afar. My gaze fixed firmly on her as she teased me with a sail of her booty. I had her number on my phone and sent a teasing message to her “I have a hard on as big as the statue of liberty.” Waiting for her to respond to my brazen innuendo and my intentions clear and precise. It was sex that I wanted and it was early morning.

“Keep your morning spurs in check and the statue of liberty is of a woman you dumbo!”. I was impressed even more “Superior intelligence, a great sense of humour and beautiful breasts but those I have yet to see. “This time her reply was faster “It’s all about you. I am sure that you tried to make a move on my friend Disha also.”

I could not wait any longer “Move in with me, I have awakened my sixth kundalini, you will tremble with orgasmic pleasure.” she was in haste too “it’s all about you. I will never move in with you. Are you forcing me?” I could not control any longer. The morning sun was upon us and its orange hue and sunlight fell on the curtains of the room. “Oh, how much I would like to kiss you and smell the whiff of your hair on mine as I rip off your panties to taste your nectar. I want to hear you mourn and beg me not to stop. Oh, what pleasure it would be to make love to you.” That’s it. I said it. I let it all out bare in the open as it is as I saw it and as we have all seen sex through the ages. It was khajurao full-time sex with a spirit, sex with a God and, of course, it did not work. I mean who the fuck wants to mix their religion with their sex. It was laid bare down and dirty for the both of us to see and then came the long pause as if a climax and a sudden release. We surely got down and dirty of only in my imagination.

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