An Example of Great Social Media Online Marketing Effort

I just came across a great social media campaign on the net that was executed for the Wrangler brand of jeans called the Wanderer. Here, three free holiday prizes are given out to the top three winners and there are 25 other contestant prizes. You have to register through your mobile phone. Then upload your travel videos or any other unique videos along with four best pictures you have taken while travelling or exploring around the world. This is also where you write a short note about your journey as a wanderer.

People will get to vote for you through the media outputs you have loaded when you create your page on the contest site. Remember, your content is now the property of the Wrangler brand and they can now use it in promotions as they please. The marketing exercises basically promote the free spirit of man as explorers and wanderers around the world. I saw a lot of bikers and solo travellers that entered this particular contest. There were more than 2000 entries when I first registered and there are guys who have more than 4000 votes. The contest has a closing date and one has to hurry to register for it.

With the response, it seems that the contest and the brand building exercises have been promoted well by the agencies. The creativity is also distinct in its flavour and imagery. All in all, it matches totally with the spirit and soul of the brand Wrangler.

Cut and paste the link into the browser and click on vote.

You can vote for me on my page with my Wanderer story, videos and Antarctic photographs. But for me, this was a brilliant execution of an online brand marketing effort.

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