Amphi Nights of IMT and the Fate of the Management Trainees

Yeah! It was great to be invited to the Amphi Nights 2018, an annual gala get together of all the past batches of IMT nationally. Over 200 people had attended this management reunion. None from my batch turned up but I did manage to catch up with some seniors. Red Label was the booze of the day with lots of snacks followed by speeches from the IMT management and some talks from the old alumni of this great institute that I had the privilege to attend. Yes, I am from the batch 1998. Entry ticket was Rs. 750 and we all had to register batch-wise. There was also the news media present and so were the photographers and members of the press. All in all, a very professional yet friendly set up. I managed to chat up with a lady who was in charge of the placement committee and I made my pitch. I handed over my book Survival to her and went to explain that I was a travel blogger who intended to globetrot the world. The persuasion must have worked as I met another senior member of the committee.

I requested for two management trainees for Tikku’s Travelthon who could take my vision forward and add value to the blog and help monetise it. I must have made an impression as my wish was granted with a monthly stipend fixed. I would soon get the help of these bright young minds to help with my vision for the company.

I still remember my training days during my first summer training with contract advertising doing market research in the markets of Delhi making questionnaires and getting data. We were paid Rs 5000 plus transportation. Most of the time was spent fudging the data or interviewing some close friends and relatives. However, we did do some serious work at times and it added a lot to our experience. I look forward to contributing to the institute that gave me so much. I cannot imagine how much time has passed. Everything is so different yet remain the same.

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