Acceptance of Change Is the Key to Happiness

Change is the only thing that is constant in life and more so now as we move into the age of technology and social media with the formation of the Gig Economy which looks to be the future. We, as people, need to respond to this ever-changing dynamic environment. The same also holds true for our personal relationships. The dynamics of our relationships keep changing as time goes by. Things that hold true and look real today will only be shadows tomorrow. The intensity of love and passion of our relationships will below down and subside as they wither away with time. Our own internal energies are at play here. As our energies move, we move to other relationships and seek fulfilment through new activities.

Not accepting change is a bad thing. It leads to resistance and that invariably leads to unhappiness. So always leave the old and usher in the new. Your ability to respond to change determines your success. You need to figure out new ways to solve problems, unlearn skills and give up old habits. Learn new skills and then develop your business strategies accordingly. The same holds true for your business and personal partnerships. Seek out new people with different skill sets and motivate them to learn further.

But for that, you need to accept change and embrace it as something for the better. Change can come to you gradually or in a sudden burst. I think it is important to understand that and then learn to let go of the past to usher in the new.

Understand that change is always for the better and never resist it.

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