A Message from a Die-hard Reader of Tikku’s Travelthon

Dear All

A die-hard blog reader fan of mine, Anurag Pareek, has written this great support message for our blog and our stories.

Wow, really amazing blogs to come across on your page Anuj, for the very first time in my living moment, I stood up to take interests in blogging. That too, only yours alone with few handful others. It’s equal to that of sitting in front of a fireplace in a cool white winter season and having a cup of tea and beautiful talks, good laugh and good food with good people like you… this is the way I personally felt by reading some of the information I have come across till date added by you personally, I found you never try to shove the information down from our throats and stuff the brain like I feel for any other random blogs… of which I do not even remember the name… but I would score your blog a perfect 10/10 and already in my favourite list of blogs the adventures, details, information and data, experiences and moments you share with us… I feel like writing constantly to you, but I have to fix everything in a paragraph alone it’s just like writing letters to a favourite author. Anyways, pls keep sharing them… because I personally love going through them, you just don’t know… some of your blogs actually end up making my day and smile 🙂

Thank you very much and Regards.

Anurag Pareek

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