A Glimpse of the Monsoons in Himachal

My road trip started early today. We crossed several villages and small towns in Himachal to reach Sarahan. The rains have started pouring down the mountain path with a heavy mist all around the green mountains. It seemed like multiple clouds were floating above the China trees, nature at its best. I have taken refuge in a beautiful nature resort on a hilltop at Sarahan. The evenings are especially irresistible as the sunsets above the fog and clouds beaming from time to time as it appears and disappears through the mountain peaks. I jumped at the opportunity to capture this dance of nature up in the sky.

I strolled merrily clicking away and capturing the most exquisite sunset as light showers appeared from time to time to make the mist and fog thicker than usual. The peaks of the mountain tops shimmered as the sun slowly began to set and bit by bit, disappeared from the sky.

So enjoy the photographs for now.

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