A Closer Look at eBooks

eBook sales have doubled in the last five years. They stood at 12.5% of total book sales and have increased their share to 25.8% as of 2018. That’s almost double and due to the increase of data pipes, mobile technology and other applications, this figure will keep increasing for some time to come. Already Amazon and Kindle have declared that they sell more ebooks than paperback and hardback combined. Of the 2 million book titles sold on Amazon, ebook format is sold more than all the other formats combined. That says it all as stats don’t lie.

An eBook has a great utility. If you add stylised fonts, pictures, text and cover design, one can come up with an attractive proposition. Now your readers have something to really read and carry with them. This is value. Uploading the ebook is free on most platforms. They act as brilliant lead funnels. One can add attractive landing pages where people can download the ebooks and read in their free time. They get you more prospects and can be used as gated content to capture more user data like name, DOB and email id.

They build authenticity, trust and add credibility to your brand. They position you as an expert in the area. But at an average, only 300 odd ebooks are sold per title per year and most people do not get much sales success at the beginning. That is not to say that it is not the perfect next step in an effort to expand your blog reach and give it that added promotion.

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