A Business Must Cause Social Transformation

A business, as I see it, will only work and be profitable if through its products and ideas can bring about a social transformation or change in behavioural pattern and in the way we view the world and our society as a whole. It deals with the upliftment of others and creates a transformational shift in the attitude of society towards an issue. I plan to sell my books through street urchins and transform their lives where they can use their energies into making money from some positive activities and also learn at the same time. I think that would be wonderful and bring about the transformation of others and the neighbourhood as a whole. Now, these street boys will not have time to take part in gang wars and goondaism on the road but will sell my books and in return, earn a quick buck too. This is a transformational thought and can result in change.

Through my books, I will spread wisdom and knowledge to that section of society that needs it the most. The books will be translated so that most people are able to read them. These are the ideas one needs to look at and work to bring social change and develop new ideas at the same time uplifting sections of our society.

Only a vision that can see that and execute that transformation will flourish. For that to happen we need to look at the others first and then look at our gains. The gains of the larger good and then our own personal gain. This is not easy as all of us are driven by rewards. We pursue something expecting to be rewarded first. Easier said than done and even the greatest sages of them all fail to notice the subtle difference between the two. Only when you are of benefit to the others will you benefit at the end. Till then you have to perceive and take everyone along with you to see the total transformation of self or your own business.

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