A Book without a Review is like Music without Rhythm

Yes, it was that time in my
book selling cycle. I have shipped all my copies to my five book councillors and have distributed all the free ebooks and stubbs. The PR release of my book has happened and the author website along with the book video is out. It was time to focus on getting book reviews for my book especially on Amazon. Do give my book the needed credibility and positive vibe. This is a sure shot way of getting results especially when the reviews are real and from genuine buyers and readers. I got a list of journalists who do book reviews for local magazines and sent emails to them. Then I sent out another set of emails to my work associates and well-wishers. After reading the free ebook, they would send me a 150-word book review and paste it on Amazon. The first five entries get a free dinner at Taj Hotel with me. Now, who could resist this offer? I also built my complete author profile and page on author central in Amazon and put my entire website URLs, videos and photographs.

I, then, focused on submitting my ebook for reviews on review sites like publishers weekly who provides a free review but you only have a 40% chance that your book will be reviewed. I also sent hard copies of my book to San Francisco Book Review, Midwest Book Review and RT Book Reviews. In some of these places, you have to send your ebook 90 days before you publish it and in the other until 90 days after the book has been published. The sites carry direct mail address where you can courier your book. However, do put in a covering letter with your name, author name, price, category, format and other such details so that it is easier for them to review your books. You can also buy these book reviews from BlueInk or Kirkus Reviews and the rates vary from $400 to $600 depending on the word count of your book. Other book review services will do it for even $50. Therefore, if you are out of cash, you can go for these cheaper options.

Book review blogs are the best to target to get your book reviewed. You can barter with these blogs and have them review your book and post it on Amazon and other places. You can write to them directly and offer them a free ebook or a gift for their service. Forums like Goodreads and other author-oriented blogs are the best places to find new like-minded authors who will do a review for you.

Reviews and stars are necessary for sales to happen and a feel-good factor is attached to your book. You can have these published at the back of the book cover as testimonials in subsequent print runs. This will positively validate your book. So get out there and chase people for those book reviews.

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