10 Ways to Get Rid of the Blogger’s Block

The blogger’s block is a new definition derived by me from the writer’s block. It is the period when your creative juices just stop flowing and you can’t write or think of new ideas. The flow is missing and you feel tired and mentally drained out. Thus, I call this period or stage the Blogger’s Block.

Take a Walk

Start taking long walks when you get stuck or blocked. Deep breaths are useful. You can try yoga or anything physical to get your blood circulating again. Walk briskly, look at the sky and the road, try and keep the mind still and calm your thoughts down.

Beverage Breaks

I tend to take a smoke break from time to time to gather my thoughts but that can lead to heart attacks and other heart issues. You can try gulping down a glass full of water or have a coffee break to recharge yourself.

Read or Google an Offbeat Topic

Start reading up on a totally different subject or topic that is completely opposite from the one that you are working on. See a video or a film just to change the zone of your mind. Google and study a totally unrelated topic.

Trash Writing

Just write without punctuations or structure your thoughts that are flowing through your mind. Do it for 10 to 15 minutes regularly. It will get your mind cleansed and unclogged. Trash writing is the best. Go berserk, feel the emotions flow through your words, be graphic, abusive, taunting, whatever. You just go ahead and write non-stop nonsense.

Squeeze a Tension Ball

Squeeze a tension ball. Lie on a couch, gossip with friends and just totally distract yourself from the subject at hand. Look out of the window, admire the rain or just listen to music.

Beat You Head on the Desk

Beat your head on the desk or on your computer. But be gentle about it otherwise you might get hurt. Walk barefoot on the office floor or carpet. Better still, walk on the grass.


Play basketball or darts. Maybe you can swing on a swing if you can find one. Just calm yourself down and regulate your breathing. Playing games will clear your head and you can get rid yourself of idea fatigue.

Blank Out

Stop all phones, internet and social media apps. Just cut out and blank out of the entire system. This is the best way to distract yourself and align your thoughts. Get the jumbled up ideas untangled when you totally switch off the medium.

Listen to Music

Listen to something light or soothing like opera or just reggie. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the realm of sound. This will infuse and revitalise your ailing mind.

Loo Break

Take an extended loo break. Most of my great ideas came in the loo. Try it. It works brilliantly. The loo is a quiet and private place and a den for great ideas.

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