An Evening with Malena

Hong Kong



It was getting to be dark and Sid called up and asked me to explore the nightlife of Hong Kong.” You must goto Escape it is the best Club for party pick up and girl’s.” I was ready to take a try. I took a Taxi and reached my destination . I walked into a club called Red Dragon , which was rather a cheap affaire .You have short plump Phillipino girls dancing around on the stage with poles . I took a seat when old lady approached me with a beer and asked to pay for the girl also . I dully obliged . A chinese girl called Sha Sha came and sat next to me . “Hi darling , where are you from ? “ I gave a glee smile and said “ Mumbai.” That is it she started getting a bit intimate with me.”Buy one beer for me too.” I got a bit turned on but the lighting in the bar was a bit gloomy shades of Red and Neon colours. I started feeling uncomfortable and decided to move out into the road . The street was lit up with dazzling singes of bar’s and night clubs and nude dancing joint’s . Ah finally i found the club Escape . I paid 300 HK as an entry fee and was welcomed in . As i entered like a hall my eyes scanned a pretty girl on the left . I decided to wait before i made my move . I strolled around the club , full of liquor and smoke , their was a live band playing .

I walked unto the bar and asked for a whiskey , it was Black Label on the rock’s . I took one round of the club and came back to the lady i had first scanned . One gesture and it’s as if that was enough , she walked unto me .” So what’s your name?” I quizzed her and “ Malena”she said.

She was a real hottie, toned body with a perfect figure and a radiant glow on her face. This girl obviously enjoyed what she was doing and took pride in it, a professional you could say! We discussed and at 1500 HK$ a deal was struck. She asked me to wait outside the seven eleven on the next road . In no time we were in the taxi , getting to know each other, as I gently stroked her neck and planted a kiss. We walked up to my hotel room .

Malena was Columbian and was separated with a one year old child and was staying on her own in hong kong. Well as soon as the pleasantries had been exchanged , i offered her a coke and her fee. She was gorgeous indeed all dressed up in black night dress , she was ready to be picked. I hit the shower first, which increased the warm soothing sensation in my body,I started feeling the intoxication of the woman and the whiskey! We made love, started slow, but got aggressive as it went along . It was divine. The climax reached a operatic high, I am getting ahead of myself now but at that time it was as if the sky’s opened up, and we both collapsed in each other’s arms. We had worked up some steam and said “ My this is a heat exercise , we should do it every day , i mean their is no reason to go the gym after this .” Malena said excitedly “ Off course , i told you so!”

I was in the mood and asked her to pose for me on the bed as i captured her through my lens. That’s it we were done .”Hey i like you , may be you come with me to Macau too and we spend some more time.” i said . She was willing and liked the idea. I handed her a tip of 100 HK and kissed her good night. That was quite a ride I thought as I updated my social mediawhich gathered quite a few likes there!!

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