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Caviar Khao Aur Khilao

Caviar is the ultimate luxury ingredient. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s most expensive caviar on record is the Almas caviar from a very rare and very old (between 60 and 100 years old) Albino Beluga sturgeon. This unique golden white caviar is sold for about $34,500 US per kilogram. Caviar was originally harvested by Russian …

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Refreshing Recipes from Russia: Russian Pancakes

Blini are Russia’s version of the thin French crêpe, made with buckwheat for savoury fillings or white flour for sweet toppings. Accompaniments include smoked salmon, creamy mushrooms, sour cream, jams and condensed milk. The savoury version can also include a spoonful of salmon or caviar. Another Russian pancake is the cottage cheese version called Syrniki, a thicker form of ricotta-pancakes …

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Refreshing Recipes from Russia: Russian Salad

Internationally available with the ever-present base of diced potato, peas, sliced eggs and heavily-laid mayonnaise or sour cream. The traditional Russian version is fresher and crispier with a light smattering of mayonnaise. Tracing its origins to the mid-1800s, there is also a variation of cold Russian salad. Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 8 minutes Serves: 8   Ingredients Carrots, …

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Yoghurt Recipe Corner: Raita

Raita is a yoghurt-based side dish usually made to accompany biryani, pulao or kebabs. Raita is mostly made with fresh raw vegetables like onions, tomatoes, cucumber and mint leaves with an addition of mild spice powders and herbs. Preparation Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 15 minutes Serves 4   Ingredients (For Tomato, Onion, Cucumber Raita) Yoghurt, beaten – ½ kg …

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