Tamil Nadu

AEYO! Moving Along South India

Last week or so, I was journeying around the southern states of India – Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. It was a breeze making my Travelthon video while exploring the scenic spots of magical Kodaikanal hills. I like the fish in South India and even tried beef Kerala style in Thiruvananthapuram. The greenery and the ocean shore, especially Kovalam Beach …

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The 29 states of India have their individual distinctive cuisines. For example, by state, like Goan; regionally, like Chettinad; by traditional style of preparation such as Dum Pukht; as a description, like Wazwan; by caste, such as Kayastha; or simply named after the community, like Parsi or Jain cuisine. Highlighting characteristics of cuisines of some states, the following is a …

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