In Hong Kong with Sid

I reached Hong Kong and as I stepped out of the airport the first thing i felt was the density of the city . Hong Kong is a densely populated city .The roads and by lanes are narrower and sky scrappers are densely packed together . Next morning it was an endless wait for Sid , my friend for 15 years who i was meeting after a long time . After making a few call’s to my chinese friends from my christ’s college days Allen and Billy . I waited for Sid to arrive he swaggered in , with his mercurial walk . “ Long time old friend , lot of water ha passed since we last meet .” He of off course referring to my father’s death and the tragedy that I lived through from a few years back . “ Thing’s are better now and i have left my past behind . I have started this travellthon around the world and it is keeping me busy .” I handed him a box of chocolates and started taking him though my travelthon video’s . I gave him my picture book and we headed off to Sid’s apartment . “ You know Sid i cried for the first time two month’s after my father’s death . I just couldn’t weep but when i opened his cupboard to give away his clothes to the poor . I saw the letter’s he had kept of mine from my college day’s . I just broke down then and Sid got a bit emotional too “ I lost my father also just a week before your dad’s tragedy . It’s when parents are gone one really know’s their importance and how they had been holding the fort together” . I took a sip of my whiskey and said “ You know life is a a little boat in a vast endless eternal ocean , their is no going left or right , backward’s or forwards , no rewind , no right no wrong . Just you and the endless ocean . I use to think many times what are the decision’s that got me to this point in life . Where they the right ones or the wrong ones and at the end i get no answers.

Sid was busy stirring up the mutton and the pulao rice he was cooking for me . “ You want a massage girl i can get her here , you can loosen up , all this philosophical talk is very heavy on the soul .” I smiled “ No yaar as it is i have loved a babe in every country i visited during my travelthon , let us give the chicks in Hong Kong a break .” I strolled around his kitchen and got hold of a can of Rajanigandha Pan Masala, which was an interesting thing to find in Hong Kong and popping a few spoons in I said ” Every one is going though their own biopic and journey .It alway’s seems that your story is the most important , because it is unfolding for you . But actually everyone is fighting their own battles .The rich the poor black for white and everyone is a hero of their story .” We sat down for dinner and gobbled up the mutton .” I mean just because i have money doesn’t mean i don’t have problems . Imagine if i am fighting to protect my limited wealth , what must the Ambani’s , Buffet’s and Gates of this world must be going through to protect their million’s “ Sidu nodded as if to agree . I looked up at a painting on his wall and then strolled around to the dining table to light up a cigarette “ You know Tina Ambani even haggles with the guy who comes to her home to sell vacuum cleaners . She ask’s them to give her a discount ,I mean she can buy the company that makes the vacuum cleaner , but no one likes to be taken for a rid or be ripped off everybody wants to show that they are smart enough to get a good bargain. Just because you are a billionaire doesn’t mean you will just throw your money around .”

It was getting late and Sid was tired , i had a great dinner and wished him all the best . We promised to meet the day after and that was the end of my first day in Hong Kong.

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