Hong Kong and it’s excellent Health Care System

Hong Kong

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A traveller’s life is fun but then again your out there and pushing a few envelopes and well soon enough there is a bug out there with your name on it. After some hectic times at Hong Kong I suddenly started feeling ill. Early morning and my body felt sore and feverish. I thought to myself must be all the exertions from the nights before. I tried sleeping out my fever, but next day it was back again. I walked unto a Seven 11 around the corner and bought some pill’s. It was no use however and the body ache persisted . This is about when I started  getting just a bit worried, I hope I hadn’t contracted something!!

Queen Mary Hospital

Queen Mary Hospital Hong Kong

I went straight to the net like most other people to check my symptoms and damn yes they sounded similar to Hepatitis B besides several other ailments. Damn I thought , hope all is well. Two days’s passed and I had not left my hotel room even once. It was about then that I decided enough was enough and it was time to seek professional advice. The hotel concierge told me that most clinic’s would be closed at this time of night and my best bet would be the local hospital called Queen Mary Hospital a Government run hospital. I took a taxi to the Hospital. It was a good one, very clean and organised , every one was advised to wear a surgical mask. I was seen by a nurse at the emergency , she gave me a slip and a number and asked me to deposit a fee of 990 Hong Kong Dollars. I sat down at the reception and was told my turn will come within an hour. It came within the stipulated time and I was ushered in to a room, where a Chinese doctor attended to me . I told him about my symptom’s and I told him about a few of my recent escapades and I insisted that I’d used all the necessary protection .

The Doctor - representative image !!

The Doctor – representative image !!

The doctor examined me and in the most reassuring way asked me to relax “ It’s just a case of Flu .” I was happy and took a sigh of relief. I had checked and my Citi Bank Card provided  me adequate insurance cover and I was just relived that my adventurous way’s had not made me fall too ill in a foreign land. I walked unto the pharmacy and was given the prescribed doses of medicine, neatly packed and labelled on polythene bags . All this took just 20 min as I sipped soda and enjoyed the music from my iPod. I was feeling well already!

Got back to my hotel and took my medicines, all is now well and I drifted back to sleep happy perhaps that I hadn’t caught too bad a bug! A little research later told me that Hong Kong has a system of government-operated hospitals that constitute the majority of the health care system. People also have the option of a private hospital if they wish. There are more than fifty public hospitals, and twelve private ones.

Hong Kong’s 6 million people are one of the healthiest populations in the world. The life expectancy is 84 for women and 78 for men, the second-highest worldwide. Source here. A good place to fall sick overall.

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