The Peak of Hong Kong with Allen and Billy Lo


After my the chin wag with Sid . I headed back to my hotel Holiday Inn Express in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong Island . The hotel was a bit costly affair around 100 dollars a night , but the grand breakfast and the view from my hotel window made up for everything . I quickly connected with Billy and Allen Lo my roommates at Christ’s College Blackheath and fixed a date for the evening .Both the Chinese brothers landed up in the evening . We were meeting after 25 years and it was a great reunion of friend’s who had studied in the same school from 1998 to 2000 . Both had families and kid’s billy was a senior pilot now and still smoked menthol cigarettes like he used to . “ You bastard you were the one who got me to smoke for the first time in school “ i taunted him “and now i can’t stop” .

Roast Duck with Rice

Roast Duck with Rice

We quickly moved to where the action was happening in Hong Kong the Times Square . This was a huge amalgamation of fashion outlets , mall’s , designer show room’s , eateries , bars and fun . A bit like Clarke Quay in Singapore . They had these Blow up’s of Giant Japanese animation Characters called Gandam. These are giant Robot’s from the Gandam Series which is hailed as the Star Trek of Japan . I strolled around these huge characters and took some pictures . Then we all headed to a near by Chinese restaurant for dinner . The feast was set Roast Duck , beef stew ,rice and chilly pork . Billy couldn’t get enough of his new Samsung edge phone and kept showing me the pictures of his daughter and family . “ You know it’s like time never passed , when old friend’s meet . My memories of you all just coming back . How Billy would make noodles in the morning and wake every one up and Allen would tell him not to smoke acting like the perfect elder brother .” i said . “ Hey Tikku Tse is asking does Tikku still have smelly feet .” billy barked reading out an ams from a common friend Frankie Tse who missed our dinner date .

The dinner was yummy and after taking some more photo’s from my new Cannon camera which was too hot for the waitress to handle , we moved out . I shared my current travel experience to 10 countries and off course showed off my Bollywood acting video’s , my scene’s with Shah Rukh Khan . Allen was impressed “ You know i watched the Three idiot’s , it was a big hit in Honk Kong and Amir Khan did a great job in the film .” he said . I was not surprised since Amir Khan’s new Film PK was also shown in China and they loved it , it was a huge success . “Come” Allen said “let us show Tikku the Peak of Hong Kong.”

The Peak Tower

The Peak Tower

This was off course Victoria Peak perched on The Peak at 396 metres above sea level, The Peak Tower is one of the most stylish architectural Hong Kong attractions.Inside the Peak tower is a dazzling array of restaurant’s , shops and entertainment venues set against the beautiful backdrop of the city. One get’s a panoramic view of Hong Kong from the Peak , you can board the Peak Tram to get the ultimate experience of Hong Kong’s beauty . I captured the view from the top and even took a video of the teeming landscape beneath . A scoop of Ice cream and we were all done for the day . Ahh I am In Hong Kong it was finally sinking in!

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