Citi That Never Sleeps

Man life is unpredictable indeed went on a Cruise to Hanoi bay was having a great time on the deck sipping the best of cocktails when I realised I had lost my wallet in the midst of dancing around and chattin to fellow travellers , I had no clue where I left it . May be it was the cocktails or the beauty of the bay that mesmerised me .Panic struck I asked everyone on board the stewardess ran around looking for it but no sir no chance I had a connecting flight to Hoci Minh city and luckily for me the taxi had been booked in advance for the airport . Called up my Relationship Manager Tarun Dhinga and Branch Manager Amit Aggarwal .I was advised that the Citi Bank Branch in Sun Wah Tower at Ho Chi Minh City will be able to give me emergency cash once I show them my passport and give them my account number .My nerves relaxed for a while and a took a deep breath .Wow was it that simple .Now I searched around to see my passport I found it in the travel bag .That’s it I think I can sleep the night over in peace .Reached Ho Chi Minh City with ease and took a scooter directly to the Citi Bank Branch in the morning .I was welcomed by Luu Nguyen Anh Khoa the relationship manager their she quickly assed the situation.Then it was a matter of 10 min only I had to fill a simple form give copies of my I’d a few quick telephonic checks and one email from my Delhi branch and I had my cash in my hand the entire amount in the local currency.All in no time while I sipped coffee and chatted to Luu in the citigold lounge.I loved it, it was smooth Delhi branch had already informed them that I was coming and that was that .Travelling the world looked so easy. I did some recording and took some photograph this is something that i definitely have to share on my blog.So watch the video and see the Citi Bank Magic unfold.

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