The Nectar of Cambodia

It’s a country I have most enjoyed traveling through it is slightly under developed but it’s cheap .Tuk tuk is the main mode of transport for the tourist .This is a kind of motorcycle rickshaws with whirl you around the town showing you all the sights and sounds of the city.The city is clean and we’ll light up .The bars are trendy and the girls come at a fare deal.The casino is also fun but my luck is bad these days , so I am not much into gambling the last time I won was in Alok’s house in Singapore over the dial cards party .
The city of siam reap has more character and is more ancient in its design .The temple of Angkor Wat show the glorious past of its people .The killing fields of Cambodia show the gruesome past.When under the then communist regime 3 million cambodians where executed and put to death.Now transformed into a Sanctuary it is reminder of humanity gone wrong. How people of the same race could do this to one another is beyond me.It reminded me of my father’s murder and the subsequent berivement of the family.
I strolled through the arches pillars and walls of the royal palace feasting my eyes with delightful halls tapestries and walls painted with the pictures of battle scenes from the Mahabharat. I have sacked the nectar out of this place from exploring it’s pot to ravishing it’s woman.Cambodia has been a ride to remember.

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