Cambodia Nightlife

The streets of pheno phen are bustling in the night with the main tourist area being riverside most Caffè bars and restaurants are in this part of the city .It is the area that leads to the Royal Place in the heart of the town square .
My tuk tuk walla was a bit early today he drove me down to Nagaworld a Casino in the city . I was introduced to the manager of the casino by my Korean friend hyun. I took chips worth dollar 300 and lost all on the rullette table .I bet hundred dollar three times on red and lost all the money .I was also lightly stoned it was a great experience though .My care taker Cum guide took me to the men’s bars where we could get a girl for the night that was it my mind was made up.I sat in his SUV and we headed towards our pick up joint.
The girls where all girly and all smiles .They were very well dressed with the best make up on they looked like dolls and I felt like a mad wolf amongst them .I choose one and then paid the madam dollar 100 price for a girl for the night in this part of the world.I told you this country is cheap.I bought her over to my hotel but alas the manager asked her for I’d which the lady did not have , now she had to go back all the way to get it . I went up to the restaurant to have a drink and sat on the table next to the balcony on the 8th floor .Jack on the rocks with a plate of spegetti boleneges .As I had put down my 555 cigarette she arrived .We drank and I couldn’t wait to get her in bed she said she was from Vietnam .Wow this was truly tasting the pleasures of the East.
I went to y he room took a quick shower and lite up a joint .That was it rest is history but we had a good time and that was that…….

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