Whirling around the open sea

My greatest thrill so far in my travelthon has been to whirl around in the open sea on a fast water scooter. It took me no time to adapt to the new conditions of this sea beast as a zoomed off on it in clockwise direction .The waves lapping away at the bottom of the scooter as it’s nose thudded on the surface of the pristine blue sea .

My heart pounded for a while as I thrust on the throttle as the scooter roared away. I kept going faster and faster till I reached the middle of the sea and then I shut the motor off. Wow complete silence I could hear my breath .The life guards tried to approach me to see weather I was stranded or in trouble .


But I shooed them away gesturing that I wanted some peace and bobbing up and down on a silent scooter was the only way to get it .It was heaven I could feel my dad’s soul in the air somewhere I prayed for a while and felt his blessing .Then I started off again feeling the breeze gaze my face and the sea playing tricks with me . It was like sufi whirling the dance around the sea , all so spectacular.

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