The Diva’s of Quizon City

It was a great night for me , my hotel manager and me went out to explore the nightlife of the city last night .”I will be your body guard and driver tonight I will drive you around” . Yes sir we had a deal he the hotel manager Ru whisked me off in his Toyota to paint the town red. We first tried the Strip Club called Classmates but no luck it was closed. Then we went to Pegasus and parked ourself there Wu did all the talking . The dance floor was beautiful with girls performing with the pole a seductive ballet with overtly sequel moves and exposure of pink flesh . Altogether a riveting sight I was hooked Wu ordered a few beers and started the filming .I looked around and spotted a bird called Mia amongst the other hostesses she was wearing blue dress and was all but 21 years. I had a great hour with her sharing sweet nothings stroking and caressing but was a gentlemen. The girl ordered her drink always twice the normal rate and asked me if we could move to a private room. To which I declined what with the exception training expense . But I had my fun drank up and enjoyed the band that was playing American hit pop songs. We left in an hour I waved Mia good bye and parted with a kiss.

Next we moved to the street capturing and filming the sights and sounds of the night. Spoke to pimps waved to whores’s and saw the other down market clubs and strip joint . Then Wu went berserk and drove his car like a roadster under the tunnels and over bridges. We smoked some pot always a high of my day and laughed after imagining story ideas for bolllywood movies based on Quizon city. Wu came up with some classic quotes and I loved it . I have gone fond of Wu . He promised to organise my trip to Borakai and was very helpful . I for one enjoyed a carefree night of frolicking in this city

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