Mageba and Valeri

Meet up with Mageba my old friend from Christ’s college Blackheath in Manila . After 24 years the old friendship was still intact , he came to pick me up from the airport and booked me at the Luxent Hotel at the heart of the city . I feasted on local food and dumplings in the afternoon and then headed towards the town square on his scooty around the local shops and bazaars . Meet up with his wife valeri who works for the Catholic Church . She is studying Indian history and religion so I realised we had a lot to discuss . She greeted me with a name see and quizzed me about Gandhi and tagore . I told her stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharat . She was very well versed with Indian theology and culture . We discussed how similar the Catholic faith and hiduism were . We have the Trimurthi of Brahama Vishnu Mahesh . They have the holy trinity Father Son and The Holy Ghost. We took a trip to Loyola Cemetery where Mageba prayed to the souls of his forefathers and light cadels on their graves . I enjoyed the local beef hot dog with extra ketchup all in all a relaxing first day in Manila

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