Singapore lots of pizzaz but no soul

Singapore a shoppers paradise full of designer brands and gourmet restaurants . A city perfect for business with its tall grey sky scrapers and dapper condos. It has a vibrant nightlife full of things to do for anyone willing to dish out the mullah. Big cars and expressways it is a self created wonderland of perfection. Almost Eutopian in its design . It’s as if ugliness and imperfections which is a hallmark of any society have been pushed away outside the contours of the city . Everyone is living the dream everything is tidy organised and almost mechanical leaving out little room imperfections and jagged edges which is a hallmark of any given society . There are no demonstrations no riots indiscipline is not tolarated by the authorities . Anyone out of line is punished there is a fine for everything The junta is treated like kids even canned for not obeying rules. So if you litter the streets you get fined if you walk on the side walk before the light goes green you get fined . The bay area is a concrete jungle a trading paradise for big business . But the city is grey in its texture and lacks a distinct texture . As my friend alok said “it’s like everything has been cut and pasted and all imperfections have been pushed out of the city boundaries . They have even planted trees on the side walks that are of the same length and size. The city thus lacks colour flavour and cultural diversity . But if you have the money it is a great place to enjoy the lifestyle of the uber rich.

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