Yes sir I killed my dad
He was a jolly good chap never harmed a fly never took any crap
When I went out of line I was sure I would be getting a slap
He tended to me like rainbow in the sky
I was all he had and he was after all my dad
But what followed my friends as you know was sad
He fought two of them single handedly with out a weapon in his hand
Attacked from behind he held on as long as he could
Cried out for help beating the window pane
Some one saw him a fellow nice and sane
Banged the door open to see humanities hour of shame
He lay in a pool of blood as they tore his chest with a knife
This poor old man without a wife
Blood curdled on the floor splattered on the wall
He cried out for help and I was nowhere in sight
High on coke inebriated by with wine
As I sat down for dinner with that filthy swine
I was the reason I was the cause
As I sit back to think it over and take a pause
Yes sir I killed my dad

They came with plastic bags knives, saws and sacks
To cut him up into pieces to saw him up and carry him in bags
I should have been aware I should have seen through that
But I was in a haze to see through the maze
I still remember his eyes his soft gaze
My dad was one in a million that’s for sure
I could have saved him but now he is no more
Yes sir I killed my dad
It’s a story that is gory and so very sad
In which a son blames himself for killing his dad
Having been battered by the media
And hounded by the press
This is a story of a man in distress
Some say I was headed for it, some say I had it coming
But why did he suffer for my sin’s I ask
You were his son you fool and it was his task
I owe my life to him which he sacrificed for me
So have no doubt my friends it was me who killed my dad

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