Why didn’t I lick Nidhi Malik
The first time I meet her she was quite a sight
This happy girl with bulging thighs
Her heavy hips that gave her age away
As she moved around and let them sway
Her sari ka pallu drooping over her taut breasts
Taking me towards an unknown conquest
She liked me for my sensitivity
A happy go lucky man with lot of terimity
We watched movies together and went to plays
Whiling away time in the streets of Bombay
She wore t-shirts with birds on them
Red lipstick her lips adorned
She wore poison fragrance in the night
She wore gowns that were very bright
We went to dance bars and disco’s alike
Dancing till the wee hours of the night
She had hair long and straight
To her I was just a bait
One night she just thudded into my room
Threw the towel on the bright lamp
Pulled me towards her as we began an almighty snog
Her legs tightened around my waste
As she tore at my t-shirt in great haste
Pulling and frisking me all over the place
I stopped for a while to take a breath
Pulled down her bra straps to kiss her here and their
With my staff at full throttle I pulled by boxers shorts down
To give her a peek into what was around
As she with her panties did the same
But fells as we were about to play the oral game
I without warning immediately came
She went wild with a rage and got on my case
Flung my underwear on my face
So that’s the whole story as you can see
A story full of fun and frolik
The story of why didn’t I lick miss malik

Anuj Tikku

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