Kanya sharanya

Got stranded at the Chennai airport without a charger , I had packed it with my luggage and my e ticket was in my mail . Mobile battery went kaput . As I roamed around the airport in despair , walla I saw a beautiful dusky lady browsing through the book shop . I asked the man at the counter how I could get my mobile charged , he looked clueless. The lady over heard the conversation , she looked at me, then at my phone and offered me her charger . Wah what a relief I thanked her and went looking for a plug point socket . At a closer inspection I realised this lady was really hot . I mean a cross between bipasha basu and laila khan . We struck a conversation and that was it one of my first travel friendships began . She was married read Paulo cohilo’s book Adultery and lived in Aurangabad with her husband and a two year old daughter. But that did not deter me . She said she recognised my face I told her I am a Bollywood actor . Ya ya she replied shock laga laga .We exchanged numbers. I asked if she would have a drink with me she was game , but alas the Chennai airport had no bars how boring . Uff I forgot the charger .l gave her a gift a box of yummy badam halwa that i had bought from shri Krishna Sweets at the airport . She was off to fly to Japan and I had to be off to Singapore sigh sigh.Her name Sharanya I call her my kanya sharanya. Story to be continued. ……………

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