It has been a wonderful 10 days in kathmandu . I explored the sprawling bazaars of Thamel which reminded me of pahadhganj shopped for colorful clothes ate at lilly , played pool with the local nepalease .tried the local chusine of daal bhaat and saag. More then anything I enjoyed meandering through the streets of darbaar playing the flute feeding the pegions and chatting with the local sages and baba. The pashupatinath temple was a sight to behold with a huge gigantic nandi. I did my parents shraddh their and took the blessings of shiva himself .The temples had a mix of the Orient and Hinduculture with dragons and sculptors of kali in the same temple. A distinct mix of Buddhist and Hindi philosophy reigns in Nepal. The serenity of the Toddaha lake feeding the gold fishes . Kathmandu has been a rip roaring ride .The dance bar playing loud hind film music full off girls hustling their prey to make a fast buck . A true bled of sex and god in the same breath. My travel then leaves for pokhra tomorrow for another slice of nepal

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